Quebec Exchange Winter Fundraising Campaign

The Ross Road students in Grade 7 French Immersion are asking for your help to raise funds for their trip to Quebec this winter!

The students are offering 3 types of products, all of which make great gifts over the holiday season.

1. Samosas – Locally baked samosas made fresh to order and then frozen to be kept conveniently in your freezer to keep on hand for snacks or for an easy appetizer when company stops by! Samosa Order Form

2. Purdy’s Chocolates– A holiday favourite!  Here is a link to the Christmas catalogue.  You can order online or with the handout being sent home.  Please make sure to add the 5% tax in your order.

3. Poinsettias and Wreaths form DeVry Greenhouse– beautiful holiday plants for gifts or decorating! Flower Order Form

Hardcopies are being sent home and there are files attached above with more information regarding the samosas and poinsettias.

Here is how it works :)

Please enter your student’s name and information clearly on all the order forms so we do not loose anyone!

Add up your total costs from all three order sheets and submit your forms and submit one cheque for the total amount payable, to Ross Road School.  The deadline for all three fundraisers is Friday November 15th.  Delivery will be the first week of December, details to follow.

Please return your order forms and payment to the school.  There will be a basket at the front office.

For Purdy’s orders, please add the 5% tax.  Grade 7’s – we suggest you take a photo of your order form before returning them to the school.  That way you will remember who has ordered what!

If you know a child in grade 7 and would like to specifically support their travel costs, please give your order and payment to that student.

Thank you very much for your support!

If you have any questions, please contact Nichole at


The Quebec travel team.

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