PAC End of Year Newsletter

We hope you have all had a great 2018/2019 school year and would like to wish our Ross Road School Community a happy summer!

Ice Cream Social 

On Tuesday June 25th the school community came together for a truly sweet night! The PAC brought you the first ever Ross Road Ice Cream Social. It was a huge success with over 370 people in attendance. It was the perfect night with the sun shining and just the right amount of ice cream and candies to treat everyone. We were also successful in raising approximately $500 to support PAC led initiatives for next school year. Thank you to all the parents that volunteered their time to scoop and serve, and thank you to End of the Line General Store for supporting this inaugural event. It was great to see everyone come together to celebrate the end of another great school year at Ross Road. 

Why are ice cream cones like parents?
They’re big softies! 

Our Ross Road PAC 

We would like to thank and recognize the time, effort and energy of all those who contributed to our Ross Road PAC this year.  

PAC Executive Photos 18-19

2018-2019 PAC Fundraising  

Fundraising is an important role of the PAC. As parents, our fundraising efforts enrich our kids learning experience at Ross RoadWe are pleased to report this year the PAC was able to purchase the following for our school through our fundraising efforts: 

  • Set of 33 new Laptop computers and Charging Cart (arriving this summer) 
  • Risers for the Music program (arriving this summer) 
  • New tables for the Library (arriving this summer) 
  • Body Science seminars by Saleema Noon 
  • Internet & Social Media Safety seminars by Jesse Miller 
  • Bike to School Week Events with Escape Bikes and trip to the Veledrome 
  • Kilometer Club: Ribbons and Medals 
  • Emergency preparation perishable supplies (water and food) 
  • Each Class received $200 for the teacher as a discretionary fund 
  • Library book replenishment 

2018-2019 PAC Events 

PAC events are a way to bring our community together and have fun!  

Here is a summary of the PAC events & initiatives we hosted this year. We would like to especially thank the parents who headed up these events:  

  • Back to School Coffee Mornings – Linda Munro 
  • Family Photos – Sandy Porter 
  • The Card Project – Michele Zinsli Ma 
  • Movie Nights (Fall and Spring) – Jennifer Bryan 
  • Winter Fair – Susan Neale and Heather Cliburn 
  • Parent Social – Beck Williams and Margot Pleym 
  • KM Club – Dominic Brecher 
  • Bike to School Week – Jackie Hicks 
  • Ross Road Spirit Wear – Beck Williams 
  • SpringFEST – Melissa Kelly 
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Christy Gold 
  • Ice Cream Social – Jennifer Bryan 
  • After School Classes  – Dana Samis 
  • Munch a Lunch (still the biggest fundraiser for our PAC!) – Kim Berg and Jackie Hicks 
  • Car Valet Service  Ed Lathioor 

Share your Feedback:  

Please take a moment to complete end of year Ross Road PAC survey. If you have thoughts, comments or feedback please share them with us: COMPLETE SURVEY NOW 

PAC Roles open for next year  

We voted in our PAC executive for 2019/2020 at the PAC AGM in May.  

We are sorry to see Nikki Dahl and Janice Sardari go, we thank you for your time and energy this year.  

Next year we are happy to welcome Connie Young as Treasurer and Beck Williams as Class Rep Coordinator. Thank you for filling these important roles! 

We do still have a few additional roles to fill for next year. These positions are a great way to get involved in the PAC and most only require your support within a specific time period.   

Still needed:  

  • Family photos coordinator   
  • Bike To School Week Coordinator  
  • PAC Vice Chair  

We’d love to have you join the PAC team and we are a lot of fun! Please contact for more information about these roles.

Back to School Coffee Morning 


Don’t forget to join us at drop off on September 3rd for a back to school coffee. 

We will be set up at the front of the school from 8:30am so bring your mug, have some coffee and catch up with other great parents in our school community.  

Kindergarten Parents – We will be doing the same for you on Friday September 6th at 9am. We look forward to meeting you!

Need Labels for Summer Camps?  

We have a fundraiser for that!

Ol 1 download

Look out for Hot Summer Nights beginning June 27th 

Firefighters will be on hand with the fire truck in local parks with great activities and even some cold treats! 

HotSummerNight_Poster 2019


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