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Hope everyone had a Happy Easter Weekend.  

Kilometre Club is On Going

The Ross Road Kilometre Club, sponsored by the PAC, is one of the school’s largest annual events, attracting 250-300 runners every year. Participation is voluntary. All students, parents, little siblings, grandparents, caregivers and teachers are invited to participate.   

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the spring participants run around the field, collect achievement ribbons weekly, and top student runners are awarded medals in June.  The Kilometre Club runs for 5 to 7 weeks in April and May – rain or shine!  

How it works 

8:05am Warm-up on the school field 

8:10am Run starts around the track on the school field  

8:40am Run ends and students document their completed laps with parent volunteers 

Runners receive a popsicle stick after each lap. A plain stick is collected for the first two laps. Upon completion of the third lap, runners trade their two plain sticks in for a coloured stick. Each coloured stick = 1 kilometre of running. 

Younger siblings are welcome to collect popsicle sticks and their weekly stats may be tracked at the bottom of their older sibling’s classroom sheet. They can also receive ribbons via their older siblings. Parent volunteers are needed to hand out popsicle sticks to runners and document number of laps following the run. New volunteers are always welcome.  

Music Fridays: On Friday mornings we have music playing for the runners to add to the fun.  

KM Club Week 2 Update:

With a shorter running week due to Easter, and some wetter mornings, we still had a great turnout of 182 runners, of which 53 were intermediate students.   

In total, they ran 967km, bringing the total distance run to 2671km.  The Intermediate prizes were won by Arabelle in E04 & Liam in F03.  Mme. Marafon/Bulsara’s F10 class had the most participants last week (15) and the F09 class ran the furthest (85km).   

If you haven’t come and run yet, we encourage you to give it a try. There will be two runs this week on Wednesday & Friday.  

Thank you, 

Dominic Brecher, Kilometre Club Coordinator (Parent volunteer)

An LGBTQ Awareness event for North Vancouver Parents 



SpringFEST 2019 

This year’s family fun event is freshly named ‘SpringFEST’ and takes place on the evening of Friday, May 31 – more details will follow on how you can help.  

In the meantime, mark it on your calendars and invite your friends and neighbours! It’s a great evening of carnival games and fun. This year we are bringing back many of the popular annual games and activities and adding some new attractions as well.  

If you have any immediate questions, contact Adrian Tate,

Spring Movie Night 

Thank you to our families who came to the spring movie night on April 12 for our showing of Peter Rabbit. With actor James Corden playing Peter Rabbit, there was a lot of laughter in the gym, and the show was enjoyed by kids and parents alike. 

Donations and concession sales from the event raised just over $1,200 for the PAC – enough to cover the costs of KM Club 2019 and contribute to our fund for a new set of laptops for the school. 

Upcoming Events 

May 29 – AGM PAC Meeting 

MAY 31 – SpringFEST 

TBA – Ice Cream Social

Volunteer Kudos

volunteerThank you to our Kilometre Club parent volunteers and teacher leaders who make Kilometre Club happen. Special mention goes to our parents Dominic Brecher, Doug Brown and Jacquie Trudeau for jumping in and supporting KM Club; and our teachers Ms. Cristina Piccone and Mrs. Joulia May for again serving as our teacher sponsors, and to our music teacher Mrs. Suzanne Morgan for helping to bring Music Fridays to our runners.  

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