PAC Update – January 2019

Welcome back Ross Road families and Happy New Year from your PAC!

School begins on January 7th and we would like to remind you that our new PAC organized after school classes begin soon also.

There are still spaces available! Information and registration links are listed below.

Winter 2019 After School Programs at Ross Road


Brainstem: Little Brains – Chemical Engineering Grades K-1

January 7 – March 13 (8 weeks; no class Jan 28th or Feb 18th)

3:00-4:00pm at Ross Road School Music Room

(Kindergarten students with parents’ permission are picked up from their classrooms by our lead instructor and escorted to the Music room, Gr. 1. Students make their way to music room on their own (ask if you would like the Kindergarten pick-up arrangements to be made for your gr. 1 students).


Program Description: Chemical engineering uses science to process raw materials and chemicals into useful forms. They can lead to the discovery of important new materials and processes. These discoveries may be useful for other engineering disciplines or just to make our live easier.

The little brains will learn about solutions, chemical reaction, mixtures, solids, liquids, absorption, and more concepts while using his or her creativity and curiosity the STEM methodology.

Maximum 12 participants.

To Register:


Bricks4Kidz – Gizmos & Gadgets – Grades 1-5

January 8 – March 12 (10 weeks)

3:00-4:15pm at Ross Road School Music Room


Program Description: Gadgets and Gizmos is all about making fun from the STEM-based LEGO creations we build! From spinning tops to a spin art models, kids will love playing with their creations! But don’t worry, we sneak in lots of learning, too – understanding probability in the “3-in-a-row” game model and learning about friction and symmetry with the spinning top lesson. Don’t miss out! Learn more at

Maximum 20 participants.

To Register:


Girls with Grit – Girls; Grades 3-5

January 9 – March 13 (10 weeks)

3:00-4:30pm at Ross Road School Music Room


Program Description: Let’s raise a generation of girls who are mentally happy and healthy, who know it’s okay to be strong and soft at the same time, who know how to deal with adversity, and who are totally in-tune with their unique awesome-ness.

At Girls with Grit, we use yoga to show how strong our bodies are, mindful meditation (aka #braintrain) to show how strong our spirits are, and awesome crafts to show how strong our creative sparks are. We also talk about real topics like friendships, stress, pressure, anxiety + mental health, gender stereotypes, technology, compassion, empathy and what being an awesome girl is really all about. Oh yeah – we also laugh alot!  And we’d love you to join us.

For more info check out We also offer scholarships donated by past Grit parents – please ask if you need!

Maximum participants: 20 girls

To Register:


Brainstem: Specialists/Managers: Aerospace Astronautical Engineering – Grades 2-7

January 10 – March 14 (10 weeks)

3:00-4:30pm at Ross Road School Music Room


Program Description: Aerospace engineering involves the design and construction of planes and space shuttles. Aeronautical engineering covers crafts that stay inside the Earth’s atmosphere (such as commercial planes) while astronautical engineering covers craft that leave the Earth’s atmosphere (theory and practice of navigation beyond Earth’s atmosphere, such as space shuttles).

In this program the specialist and managers will learn about the fundamentals of astronautical industry discovering about aerodynamics; gravity; velocity; acceleration; forces to lift, drag and thrust objects; aerodynamics like Bernoulli principle; and space environment characteristics. They will use math to improve their results; will discover about the importance of the materials in this engineering branch; and use his or her creativity and curiosity to design, build and test their own prototypes at the same time they have fun.

To Register:


First Nations Art with Gordon Dick – Grades 1-5

January 11 – February 1

3:00-4:00pm at Ross Road School Music Room


Program Description: Join Gordon Dick from the Tsleil-Wauwuth Nation to learn basic Coast Salish shapes, find out about spirit animals and create your own indigenous animal.

To Register: Please fill out this form, print it and return to Ross Road School Office with a cheque for $70 payable to Gordon Dick.  Registration Form

Saleema Noon Body Science Presentations

Ross Road is fortunate to be able to welcome back sexual health educator Saleema Noon who will be presenting her Body Science workshops to our students through the school day on January 16th & 17th.

Mark your Calendars! There will also be a presentation for parents by Saleema Noon on Tuesday January 15th from 6:30-8 pm in the school library.

Have an idea for our school? 

We invite you to attend our PAC meetings. Every parent is encouraged to attend to have your say on PAC matters and help make decisions to what the Ross Road PAC does with the money it raises. Any involvement from our parent community is always appreciated.

Upcoming dates: Our next PAC Executive meeting is January 16th and the next General Meeting is February 27th in the school library.

Comments or suggestions? Email us at

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