Winter Fair – Thank you

On behalf of the PAC, thank you to everyone who supported the 2018 Ross Road Winter Fair. Funds raised from this event will go a long way in helping to reach the PAC’s current fundraising goal to buy a new set of laptop computers for students to use at school.

A big thank you goes to our Grade 4 & 5 parent organizing committee for this event: Susan Neale, Heather Cliburn, Leanne Woodward, Marisa Myrah, Ann Marie Lewis, Chantal Stiles, Michelle Shrigley, and Jackie Hicks. This dedicated team did an amazing job of bringing the pieces together for this successful event. We appreciate all that you did to make it a great night!

To families who attended – Thank you for coming out to support our school. The kids love this chance to spend a fun evening in their school with friends.

To the volunteers – Thank you to all the parents who volunteered some of your valuable time to help with set up and organization, selling crafts, managing the craft room, wrapping gifts, coordinating the reading room, managing coat check, overseeing the dance room, running Ho Ho Hockey, selling tickets or food, or joining the clean up crew. Successful events happen when you have great volunteers so we appreciate your contribution.

To class reps – Thank you for your time and effort in organizing and making crafts with your child’s class and putting together the raffle basket from your class. You play a valued role at the school.

To PAC Executive – Thanks to the PAC Executive Members, past and present, who helped sell tickets for the event. It takes a team effort and we appreciate all those who chipped in.

To our Teachers, Principals, & Admin Staff – Thank you to our teachers for allowing us to use their classroom, and to our Principal Susan Owens, Vice Principal Lise Smith and office staff Linda Gelley and Sylvie Trigg for your support and assistance with the event.

To our donors and sponsors – Lastly, thank you parents who donated silent auction items, contributions to the raffle baskets or brought bake sale items; and to our outside event sponsors (list to follow) for your generous contribution to our school community.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Linda Munro
Ross Road PAC Chair


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