Ross Road PAC Fire Relief Update

As you may have heard, in the early hours of Monday morning, a fire destroyed part of the Mountainside Village complex in Lynn Valley. The dreadful fire took the life of our Grade 2 Ross Road student, Sepehr Koshkoye-Delshad, and his mother, Nargess Casnajad.

The Ross Road PAC has a few suggestions on how we as the Ross Road School Community can help:

Financial Donations:
1) Sepehr’s class will be filling up a fireman’s boot with cash donations to pass along to the family. We are not sure on the details for this yet so stay tuned for more information on this.

2) The PAC would also like to set up a fund that goes directly to  Sepehr Koshkoye-Delshad’s family. Please put your donation into an envelope marked Fire Relief, and drop it into the PAC mailbox, located near the Ross Road School office. The money collected will be given to the Sepehr’s class to fill the boot.

3) The community can also deposit at Blueshore Financial Lynn Valley by using account: Fire Relief 93081553. This has been set up by the Lynn Valley Lions Club –

4) There are also numerous Go-Fund me pages that have been set up, these can be viewed online.

Food Donations:
1) Non-perishable food items and unused toiletries will be collected in the school lobby under the stairs. Once collected, we will drop them off at the Harvest Project on Friday, June 22nd after school.

2) Please do not donate clothes or anything else at the school.

Other Donations:
1) Mountain Village Hub Support will be located in Lynn Valley Mall (access closest to Winner’s entrance – the old Zeller’s location across the parking lot from Safeway) They are collecting small household items for those that have lost their homes and have to start over again.

2) Drop off hours: 7:30 am- 9:30 am, June 14 – 15 & June 18-22

3) This website lists the items that are needed for the demographic that have lost everything.

4) If there are bigger items that you wish to donate, they can be noted at this location, but please do not drop them off at school.

5) The Lynn Valley Lions will have a trailer on Lynn Valley Days, June 16th, near the beer garden between 1 and 5pm.

Let us be as supportive of our community as we can be.

If you should determine that your child needs further professional counselling, please feel free to contact the school for phone numbers of local agencies that are available to assist you. The following websites are additional resources you may want to look at, as you support your son or daughter through this loss:

Thank you to all for the support that you have shown thus far and continue to show.


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