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Please read below to find out how you can join the Ross Road community in making the Winter Fair another successful event full of fun and family!

    1. Volunteer Sign-up:
      We can’t have a fair without volunteers, so please sign up. Every class has assigned an activity (ask your PAC class rep), please sign up so the whole community can have a nice evening. (You don’t have to make an account!)All the slots over the whole evening should be filled! So please scroll down to see the later times slots.
    2. Shop ‘n Wrap:
      You can still donate to the shop ‘n wrap, just bring your fairly new items to the lobby, under the stairs.
    3. Bake Table:
      Please sign up here for the bake table to bring some nice baked (or bought) goodies! This Friday, you can drop the baked goodies off in the back of the staff room. 
    4. Wine:If you still have a bottle of wine please donate (at the office) so we’ll have a nice raffle basket for the wine lovers as well!


Ross Road PAC

Contact us at rossroadpac@gmail.com 

Website – rossroadpac.ca

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/ecolerossroadschoolPAC/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/rossroadpac (@rossroadpac)

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