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The Bake Sale Sign Up

A huge success at the Winter Fair is the Bake Table, but we can’t do it without you! Please buy or bake some nice goodies (please nut FREE) for December 15th. To keep track of the donations it would be great that you signed up. There’s a sign-up sheet in the school lobby or you can sign up here.

Hop ’n Wrap

It’s that time of year again for the popular holiday shop and wrap room at the Winter Fair! Kids can come and shop for presents for friends and family and then have their items wrapped and ready for Christmas! Please bring any new items (or slightly used) you wish to donate (think gifts you have received in the past that you would like to regift! Or things you’ve bought to give away but are still sitting in your closet! It’s a great time to clear away space in your home!) The items can be placed under the stair in the PAC area by the front office. All items will be set up on the night of the market, Friday December 15th. Also if you have any Christmas wrap that you no longer need please feel free to donate that also. Happy clearing out your home! Any questions, please contact: Nichole (nicrands@gmail.com)

Classroom crafts

Every class needs one or two volunteers to go in the class and make a nice Wintery craft with the students. The crafts will be sold at the Winter Fair. These are already underway!

Please contact your class rep and/or Suzanne if you’re interested: suzanneearle77@gmail.com

Raffle baskets / Mystery cards

All the classes have been assigned to a theme/shops. If you have any questions please contact Agi: agnesgaraba@shaw.ca

In addition to these nice baskets, we would like to have a wine basket (for the parents ;)), so if you have a bottle of wine that you would like to donate, please feel free to bring it to school (office).

Ross Road PAC

Contact us at rossroadpac@gmail.com 

Website – rossroadpac.ca

Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/ecolerossroadschoolPAC/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/rossroadpac (@rossroadpac)

Sign Up or Unsubscribe from the Ross Road PAC newsletter

To sign up for the Ross Road PAC newsletter please visit the right-hand side of the Ross Road website and sign up.

To unsubscribe, please go to the Ross Road website and locate this section on the right-hand side of the page and click the link marked “(manage)”. This will take you to the WordPress management page, where you can unfollow the Ross Road Pac blog. Please note that you will no longer receive this newsletter if you unsubscribe from it, but the newsletters will still be available on the website.

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