PAC Newsletter – Oct 28, 2016


It is Friday before Halloween…Remember to BE SEEN.

Upcoming Fall Events

  • Christmas Fair – Friday, December 9th
  • Parent Social Night – February 2017

PAC General Meeting

This past Wednesday saw many parents attend the first PAC GM of the year. Thank you for those that made it out. It was very informational especially for the first-time school parents.

Here are some highlights of what went on:

  • We filled our Exec roles!!! 3 new members of the PAC Exec Committee were voted in:
    ○  Lauren Watson – Secretary
    ○  Laks Kutty – Website and Communications Coordinator
    ○  Susan Neale – Co-Chair
  • Fundraising Updates
    ○  Munch a Lunch – Last academic year there was high uptake of this program raising $21,365 for the PAC. And this year there just as much if not more which equals lots of happy kids (and parents!)
    ○  Card Project – Kids’ artwork will be used to make greeting cards and sold to parents to use as Xmas cards. In the past the PAC has donated 25% of the proceeds to North Shore Search and Rescue which we would like to continue doing. Last year we raised $1633.75 and donated $545.
    ○  Two River Meats – Reintroducing this service – First launched last year and raised $750, we are hopefully that this number will continue to grow. It’s very simple. Anytime someone orders their high quality meat through this link, Ross Road PAC will get 15 % of their order,
    ○  SPUD – New Fundraiser
    Have you ever thought about having fresh organic produce (veggies and fruit) delivered to your front door? Here’s your chance! Whether you are a current SPUD customer or a new one, consider placing an order just once or on a regular basis, and 25% goes to our school! Plus, you can order other grocery items as well from them (but only the produce boxes count towards the fundraising)! Check out for more details
  • Budget Update
    Our new Treasurer, Scott Munro, did a fabulous job of informing us about all thing $$$.
    There is a new email address where you can contact him directly with any questions regarding $$ –
  • PAC Purchases – Thanks to all the great fundraising efforts by the PAC, the many wonderful volunteers and of course the Ross Road community, the PAC was able to work with the school to purchase the items listed below:
    ○  2 desktops per intermediate classroom
    ○  1 iPad per intermediate classroom
    ○  1 iPad per primary classroom (the 8 additional iPads are TBC)
    ○  5 desktops for library
    ○  Music in Motion class set
    ○  Guitar capos class set
    ○  Wobble stools for LAC (8)
    Still working on:
    ○  PE Equipment (TBC)
    ○  Locked Sandboxes (TBC)
    ○  Garden Benches (TBC)
  • Events
    ○  Please refer to ‘Upcoming Events’ in this newsletter.
    ○  We have the PAC Calendar that you can subscribe to which will keep you up to date of all PAC events that take place throughout the school year –
  • Principal’s Update – Susan Owens talked to a few items:
    ○  Halloween dress-up day on Monday 31st October.
    ○  There will be a school parade with a marching band @ 2pm
    ○  WE Day November 3rd
    ○  Special assembly for Remembrance Day on November 10th
    ○  Pro D Day on November 14th
  • New curriculum update by Lise Smith – Vice Principal
    ○  Go to for a overview of the new curriculum
  • General
    ○  We are looking for more volunteers for:
    ○  Munch A Lunch coordinator – Kim Berg has been co-leading the food days for years and she’s asked for another parent to take on this role. Once a week you’d come to the school to receive the food orders and coordinate the classroom deliveries with a team of other volunteers. You’d also be partnered with Jackie Hicks who manages the online orders. Kim has also offered to provide all the training and support needed to facilitate the transition.
    ○  Family Bingo – A few years ago Ross Road hosted a fun bingo night for all families. Sarah Dennis lead this event and would be happy to pass on any planning advice needed.
    If these any of these interest you, please contact us at

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This weekend is a busy one for most and it intends to be quite dark and dreary so keep safe from all the ghouls and goblins out there.