Ross Road PAC: BrainSTEM

After a successful demo a few weeks ago, BrainSTEM is offering a 5 week session starting on Wednesday May 25th.

BrainSTEM Learning Canada Corp. is an extracurricular education provider focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) systems.  Unique programs are designed by working engineers for learners aged 4 to 14. Through fun, creative, and innovative science experimentation students explore their creativity. By planning, building, testing, and modifying their design, reengineering the process expands their working knowledge of the world around them. BrainSTEM holds camps (summer, spring, winter, pro-d day), 6 week workshops (daytime, after school, evening, weekends), and events (birthday parties). For more information, please visit

First option is for the 5-6 year olds: 1 hr class 6 weeks ($135/student) called an Introduction to Robotics class:

The Robotics is the science or study of the technology associated with the design, fabrication, programming, and application of robots. Robots are exciting for the little kids. They always are curious to know how they work, how they are designed and how they may be used.

A robotics engineer is responsible for design, creating, and programming robots. Robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Robots help to make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

The little brains will discover what is behind a robot, a number of possible designs, the materials, what software is, and the programming using the LEGO® WeDo materials. Computers will also be used to built their robotic animals and toys. This will be under the guidance of our leaders and assistants under the STEM education programs,

Second option is for 7-12 year olds: Aerospace Astronautical Engineering class is as follow: 1.5 hr classes 6 weeks $160/student

The aerospace industry is one of the most fascinated things for children. Since we were kids we have been figuring out a way to reach the sky, designing wings, machines, and devices that help us with this.

Aerospace engineering involves the design and construction of planes and space shuttles. Aeronautical engineering covers crafts that stay inside the Earth’s atmosphere (such as commercial planes) while astronautical engineering covers craft that leave the Earth’s atmosphere (theory and practice of navigation beyond Earth’s atmosphere, such as space shuttles)

In this program the specialist and managers will learn about the fundamentals of astronautical industry discovering about aerodynamics; gravity; velocity; acceleration; forces to lift, drag and thrust objects; aerodynamics like Bernoulli principle; and space environment characteristics. They will use math to improve their results; will discover about the importance of the materials in this engineering branch; and use his or her creativity and curiosity to design, build and test their own prototypes at the same time they have fun.

Contact: Sarah Baldwin @, 604-379-2767

Link to registration:

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