Ross Road PAC: Wednesday

Dear parents,

So, this Wednesday (the 24th) at 7pm is the Ross Road PAC GM.  Why should you care and why should you come.

  1.  Snacks (enough said, am I right?)
  2. You can buy tickets for awesome Parent Night that’s happening on March 5 at Toby’s.  (tickets are only $30 and the PAC keeps some of this)
  3. You can hear about the IGirl, IGuy and the Brainstem children’s programs.
  4. You can even have someone else look after the kids – email Tamrah at if you need this service.

Want to read the minutes from the last GM?  Click here.

And now that I’ve lulled you into a false sense of security thinking that this is a PAC email without a call for volunteers…..surprise!  The Spring Carnival is fast approaching and needs a coordinator – or better yet, a team of coordinators to coordinate the stuffing out of this thing.  We really need someone to step up by March 7 –  otherwise….cancellation.

What that will mean is sad children, donkeys that have to walk without Ross Road children on their backs, Ross Road teachers who have to find other schools willing to dunk them and a whole crapload of uneaten cotton candy.  Plus, you know, a major hole in the PAC’s revenues for the year, which impacts the programs and resources we can provide to everyone’s kids.  So yeah, sad face all round.

But you can stop this from happening, by dropping Tamrah an email at if you want to find out more.  No commitment needed at this stage, no heavy selling, just a gentle introductory chat to find out if it’s the thing for you.  And Tamrah’s the woman who would know…she did an awesome job for last year’s fair and is still standing.  Plus, she got to keep all the unsold cotton candy.

Have a great week.






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