Ross Road PAC: We’re back!

Dear parents,

Happy new year!  Sorry, I know I’m a little late with that comment, but somehow, I don’t think you’ve been sitting around and wondering – “why hasn’t the PAC written to me lately?  Was it something I said?  Something I did?  Oh no, I hope they didn’t take that remark I made about the Braemar PAC being cooler seriously.  It was only a throwaway comment!  I was just filling an awkward silence!!! “*

OK – so this Wednesday evening at 7pm is when Jessie Miller will speaking to Ross Road parents.  If you only come to one Ross Road PAC meeting this Wednesday night, come to this one.  Jessie will be speaking about social media in advance of his presentations at the school the next day.  This is a good time to ask questions about Face-gramming and twitter-booking without having your kids laugh at you.  Learn more about Jessie here.  Babysitting is available on request.  Email Tamrah at if you think you need a babysitter.

And while we’re talking about dates…save Feb 24 as well.  Cause that’s when we’re going to be giving out shiny new $200 bills for every parent that comes to the PAC GM.**  Hey, you raised the money, you may as well get it.

And speaking of cash, pat yourselves on the back and put your hands together for Jody and her team for pulling off an amazing Christmas fair in December.  At short notice, Jody put together a great event and a big thanks goes to her for that, along with all of you for baking baked goods, clearing out your house for the Shop ‘n Wrap, volunteering your time and everything else you did.  Together, we raised $7000 which is awesome.

OK, that’s it.  But just to get you excited – in the next email, I’m going to be asking for someone to volunteer to pull together the Spring Carnival.  Just think….that could be you!  Beat the rush and let Tamrah know now if you want this job!


Your PAC executive***


* If you were sitting around and wondering that, then please come to the next PAC meeting.  We’ll show you we’re much cooler then those Braemar muckity-mucks.

**This promise will not be honored.  Like seriously.  It was a joke ok?  Please don’t come along and ask for a shiny new $200 bill, or I might lose my job.  But come anyway and have a cookie.

***We dress better then the Upper Lynn Elementary PAC as well


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