Ross Road PAC Christmas Event: More twists than the road to Seymour

Dear parents,

I have a confession to make.  No, I’m not the one who put the fireworks in the boys bathroom (well, not at Ross Road anyway)  And no, contrary to popular gossip, I’m not the one who did a nudie run through the background of the Bella Thorne movie that was shooting down the street.

No, my confession is that I misled you. I misled you through words, and for that I’m truly sorry.  In the last email, I said we had a christmas coordinator.  And we did.  But now we don’t.  For reasons outside of her control, the parent who’d stepped up is no longer able to do it.  Bummer.  Sad face.

But, it’s all about the silver linings right??  Ross Road’s loss is your gain.  You know how you were all ready to jump up and volunteer?    But then someone else put their hand up first?  And how you were all like, “darn it – I really wanted to do it, next time I’ll have to volunteer faster?’

Well, now’s your chance.  Christmas needs saving again!  (re-saving?)  Will you please (please) get in touch with Tamrah ( if you think you can help.  Better yet, get together with a couple of other parents and make this a group thing.  The ball’s already started to roll, and people had started to do things – we need someone to pull it all together.


PS – did you know that the Bella Thorne movie that was shooting down the road also starred Patrick Schwarzenegger?  As in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son?  All that excitement in little old Lynn Valley.