Ross Road PAC: This is more important than that funny cat picture

Dear parents,

Remember that post from last Friday about the Argyle rebuild process?  You don’t?  Really?  Big weekend huh?  That’s ok….we’ve all been there.

Basically, the future of Argyle is being determined as we speak.  The school board’s plans for a comprehensive rebuild of Argyle rely on the proceeds from the sale of surplus land near Braemar.  Without these funds, the board will either need to scale down the design plans (ie cut back on some much needed and desired aspects of the new school) OR find funding from another source to make up the shortfall.  The latter is not going to be easy, and the former is definitely not desirable.  If this concerns you, then please follow this link and sign the petition.  And do it quickly, (please) because the District of North Vancouver Council is meeting imminently to make their zoning decision around Argyle.  If you’re in favor of the petition, send the link to friends and family and ask them to sign as well.

There is a Facebook page set up by concerned Lynn Valley parents as well –  with other ways to make a difference and stay on top of the latest developments.