Friday Newsletter: On a Friday! Who woulda thought?

Dear parents,

  1.  On November 18th, Safeteen will come to Ross Road to give our grade 6 and 7 students a three-hour workshop in non-violent conflict resolution. The program empowers pre-teens with skills to deal with all forms of violence safely and effectively and provides them with strategies to stand up for themselves and what they believe in without violence. In other words, it’s a great positive assertiveness and empowerment program! We ran this outstanding program two years ago and are proud to be able to present it again to a new group of grade 6-7 students.  This year’s program would not have been possible without a generous donation from Polygon Homes.  Thank you, Polygon! We truly appreciate your help!  While the Safeteen workshop is only for grade 6-7 students, we welcome all Ross Road parents to attend the Parent Night on November 17th!  Details to come.  For more info on safeteen, please see (select ‘Programs’ in dropdown menu, then ‘Elementary’).
  2. The ever-popular Card Project is back this year.  This is a popular fundraiser at the school, with 25% of total sales going directly to the PAC.  To give back to the local community, the PAC will also donate a portion of the proceeds to North Shore Search and Rescue this year.  On November 6 your child’s free sample card will be delivered to their classroom and sent home with ordering information. Orders received by the due date will be delivered in early December. There is an exciting product range to select from including cards, prints and notebooks or simply order a high quality digital file.  For more information click here.
  3.  If you hurry, (like really hurry cause it’s happening right now), then you can meet Sarah Dennis in the schoolyard and help her and others do some essential gardening.  Don’t worry if you missed it this week, cause she might be back next week as well.  Stay tuned.
  4. Family Photos:  All slots are filled.  If you signed up for this, it’s time to pay up!  There will be a separate email coming out about this.  Exciting!
  5. Food Days: Now open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enough said.  Click here to find out more. Deadline for ordering is 6pm, Friday October 2.
  6. The AGM is on October 21.  There’s free babysitting, so maybe take advantage of it and make it a cheap date night!  Cause nothing says ‘new way to keep romance alive’ like a PAC AGM.

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