Friday Newsletter: PAC GM | Food Day Ordering OPEN | What do you want?

Dear parents,

  • Just a reminder that the PAC GM is next Wednesday at 7pm in the library.  Carla Orr will be talking about the new curriculum and you’ll find out more about the new technology the PAC is buying for the classrooms.  Plus, you’ll get to meet other parents and have a say in how the PAC makes things happen in your school.  If you would like (free) babysitting, please let Sarah Dennis know by emailing her at
  • Ordering for the next food day session is OPEN.  First time users might like to read about Food Days here.  If you already have an account, click here.
  • Finally, what information would you like to see in this newsletter?  Now’s your chance to tell the PAC what’s important to you.  Send an email to Greg Thorpe at or Sarah Dennis at with your ideas or requests.


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