Urgent message from the PAC

Dear parents,
Unless a parent (or a couple of parents) step up to volunteer to coordinate the Christmas Craft Fair, it will be cancelled.  That means we’ll all miss an awesome opportunity to grow our school community.  It also means our fundraising will be down around by around $10,000.  In itself, that’s a major problem, but when you combine that with the (approximately) $14,000 we ‘lost’ because the Spring Fair was cancelled, the good work that the PAC can do will be severely compromised.  Money we raise through events like these pays for iPads, projectors, library books, art projects, expert talks, sports equipment and extra-curricular events like plays.  The Ministry of Education doesn’t pay for this….we do.  Or at least, we used to be able to.  Wouldn’t you rather your kids go to school where they have these things?
 Coordinating the Craft Fair is a fairly big job, but it’s one that can be shared between a couple of friends.  There is already a food coordinator, a dance room coordinator and a show and wrap coordinator plus others ready to help.  Last year’s co-ordinator has plenty of advice OR you can make the fair into anything you want it to be.  Oh, and the biggest plus about stepping up to do this?  No-one will bother you to volunteer again for the rest of the year :)
Want to know more?  Come to the PAC meeting tonight (7.30pm in the library) and find out more (without committing).
In case you need some inspiration, here’s a few quotes from members of the PAC about why they volunteer…
I volunteer for the PAC because I cannot always be at the school at pick up/drop off and it gives me a uniquely connected feeling away from those traditional times.
I believe it’s important to set a good example for my kids.  I’m a strong believer in public education & building community.  With government cutbacks it’s now more important than ever to help generate funding for  Ross Road in order to give our children a unique & enriched school experience.  
I volunteer because it has a direct impact on my childrens’ learning and love of school. 
I like to know what’s going on and the PAC is in many ways at the heart of the school. I’m also aware that the PAC supports all the kids in lots of ways and will be more effective if more of us volunteer. 
It teaches my children about volunteering and giving back and what we can get accomplished when everyone helps.
I can actually have an impact on what and where parent-raised monies are spent. 
I volunteer to help make my children’s school experience the very best it can be. It takes a ‎village right?
If you you want to volunteer to help coordinate the Christmas Fair (or volunteer in another way), please come along tonight or get in touch with Sarah Dennis (denniss@sutton.com).