Friday newsletter: Munch a Lunch re-opens | Lice | Enviro Club | PAC Admin

Dear parents,

  • Munch a Lunch:  Good news!  If you missed the chance to order, you’ve got one more chance.  The site will be re-open from Saturday  (October 18) till next Friday (October 24) .  You must pay and order by Friday for the food day session that runs until the end of February.  Click this link to find out more
  • Lice:  As many families are already aware, lice is back at Ross Road, and has been reported in a number of classrooms.  There is a dedicated page on the Ross Road site with plenty of awesome information about lice, but here’s the things you need to know.
    • Lice does NOT cause disease.
    • Lice is VERY common in schools
    • ANYONE who has hair can get it.
    • Having kids with lice does not mean you have done anything wrong.

If you want to know how to check for lice, there’s a great video here.     If you’re at your wits end and need someone to talk to about it,  please call the public health nurse on 604-983-6700.

  • Enviro Club:  The Enviro Club is just one of the many things that makes our school and community awesome.  One highlight from last year was a field trip to the Well Fed Kitchen, where the kids cooked a delicious meal using ingredients grown in the school garden. Find out more about the club here.    The club needs more volunteers to keep going.  Specifically, it would be great to have parents who can take a leadership role in regular garden cleanups (spooky island and/or edible garden), grant-writing, art (mosaic/mural creation), lunchtime workshop assistance. Parents of primaries are especially needed to ensure the club’s future.

And finally, just a few housekeeping notes about the PAC;

  • There’s a PAC noticeboard underneath the ‘down’ stairs in the lobby.  Check this for a calendar of PAC events and other notices.
  • Do you know someone who isn’t getting these emails?   Please let them know it’s super-easy to sign up.  They just have to go to and look for the box on the right hand side.
  • Do you know that there is a PAC Google Calendar that lists important dates like Food Days, Pro-D days, early dismissal etc?  Here’s the link.  Want to get really fancy and sync it with your own calendar?  Here’s the XML link and here’s the iCAl link
  • Don’t forget the PAC GM is next Wednesday in the school library, starting at 7.30pm.