Dear parents,

Further to the communication from the District on Friday afternoon, 60 Minutes Kids Club (www.60minkidsclub.org) will be hosting the athletic event at Swangard Stadium on Tuesday, June 3rd.  A group of dedicated parent volunteers is working with 60 Minute Kids Club to deliver the event as planned by the teachers.  We are not the hero’s or heroines – the kids are the champions of this day. The teachers have spent hours coaching and preparing the kids for this finale, they too are champions and we look forward to seeing them perform.  Kids first!

The day will be run as close as possible to the typical annual event.  Hopefully you received the order of events from your school teacher last week – that is the order we will be following on Tuesday.  Athletes are asked to arrive at 8:15 am, sit in their school’s designated section in the stands at Swangard and prepare for the parade at 8:45 am.  Track and field events start at 9:15 am.

A few key points about the event:

  • we have a signed contract with Swangard and insurance is in place for the day
  • only those athletes that qualified at their Zone qualification meet are invited to participate.  We do not have the capacity to safely include other athletes.  Spares and volunteers previously designated by their school track teacher are welcome to continue with their planned role.
  • all participants and fans MUST sign a waiver.  The waiver is attached.  Arriving at Swangard with a signed waiver is preferred, but waivers will be available from volunteers at the drop off areas at Swangard as well.  Please either arrange with your child’s car pool driver to sign on your child’s behalf, or send a signed waiver with your child.
  • there will be no concession so please send your child with food and hydration for the day.  Remember that the weather forecast is for sun on Tuesday, so sunscreen and hats are also required.
  • parent volunteers will be wearing white shirts.  If you have any questions during the day, please ask one of the volunteers.  I
Required items from your school:
  • If possible, athletes should wear their school team jerseys.  If not, please wear a t-shirt in your school color.  (Desiree is working on getting the Ross Road banner and jerseys).
  • We would also like to see the school banners in the parade and posted on Swangard’s fence, so see if you can borrow the banner from the school.

What else can you do?

If you can volunteer that day please contact Matt Young at matt@innovativefitness.com or at 604-218-1716
1. first aid – if anyone has a contact & favor they can pull, please let Matt know. They do have qualified volunteers on site, but they need the gear.
2. participating schools – ideally they would like to see kids from all 25 NV Schools who participated in track and field and qualified for Swangard. Please reply to matt@innovativefitness.com with the name of your son/daughter and the name of the school if you are participating this Tuesday so they can list & know that information. Additionally, if you happen to know someone from another school, please help us make them aware and encourage them to be the school rep (in terms of sending info out) to let them know it’s on & same format.

School spirit is alive and well among the North Van elementary schools! Please spread the word of this event to other athletes that qualified.  Thank you for your assistance.

(Ross Road School or the North Vancouver School District will likely follow up on their communication on Friday and send out this information as well sometime Monday, but  we are trying to give parents a heads-up as early as possible)

Swangard Waiver