Friday Newsletter: MunchaLunch | CPF | The PAC Needs You!

Dear parents,

  • Munchalunch: Ordering for the next session is now open!    There are 8 days in this next session and it goes from April 4 to June 20.  If you want to order, you must do so by noon on Monday, March 10.  Go to the Munchalunch website to order.  For more information about the program, please click here.
  • PAC Volunteers Needed:   The PAC needs some fresh blood!  A number of dedicated volunteers who’ve spent years in their positions are stepping down soon and we need new people to step up.   There’s space for everyone to be involved, but in particular, we’re looking for a Treasurer, a Co-Chair and a Secretary.  Could you fill one of these positions?  You’ll get plenty of training and hand-holding (if needed).  Please give volunteering some serious thought.  Don’t make us beg :)  If you want to know more, please get in touch with Sarah Dennis
  • CPF:  CPF North Van invites you to check out its new website.  The website is updated regularly with information about its recent Film Festival, the upcoming Concours d’art oratoire, spring and summer camps and other local French-language events, including this weekend’s Festival du Bois in Coquitlam.

Thanks.  Have a great weekend.

Your PAC executive

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