Random Acts of Kindness – Brock Tully speaking at Ross Road

Dear parents,

Next Wednesday, (September 25), Ross Road students will be treated to a presentation by Brock Tully, nationally renowned author, speaker and ‘Kindness Motivator.’

Brock has organized the WORLD KINDNESS CONCERTS across North America, has spoken at schools around the world and has lead three bicycle journeys across the globe spreading the message about KINDNESS!

His message of  practising random acts of kindness – being nice & kind to others – is an especially important one for our students and Brock is a strong, positive force for the anti-bullying movement.

We welcome Brock Tully to Ross Road on Wednesday September 25th to speak with all grades!

For more information about Brock, please visit his website…… www.brocktully.com

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