Spring has sprung in the Ross Road Front Garden, thanks to the Front Garden Clean-up Crew!

The front garden at Ross Road is our pride and joy! We walk by it every day and enjoy seeing the greenery, the trees and the warm colour of the mulch.

Well… without the hard work of Ross Road parents, this lovely green entrance to our children’s school would be a hard concrete surface, because the School District can no longer afford to maintain it! Many parents at RR already know this, but just in case there’s still someone out there who hadn’t heard, we thought it worth mentioning once again!

This past month, Shan Bodie, our talented and dedicated new front garden coordinator, gathered a group of parents to take care of some spring clean-up out front and what an amazing job they did! They pulled out the weeds, pruned everything and added new landscape fabric (much needed) and a truck load of new mulch – all of which took place in the course of a very long Saturday in April! Thank you very much to Shan for stepping up to coordinate this work! We very much appreciate that!

Many thanks also to Karen Vannierop and Don, Pieter and Leo MacDonald, Anja and Ben Andrew, Madeline Tattersall, Kim Ivany, Jackie and Peter Hicks, Alison Hammond, Lisa Brown, and Amelia, Myles, Shan & Jeremy Bodie for all their work on the front garden that day.

The garden is now at a point where a little maintenance and weeding each year will ensure that this natural space doesn’t get paved by the District. As a community, we find this especially important, since the children of Ross Road Elementary really enjoy playing in this area and watching the flowers grow!

— Ross Road PAC

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