Safe Arrival Reminder

The Safe Arrival program aims to identify missing children in a timely manner. Even in the safest neighbourhoods, and at our school, a child has gone missing! When this happens, every second counts.

That’s why it is so important that parents/caregivers call the school’s Safe Arrival number (604-903-3755) regarding the absence or late arrival of students.

Each morning, office staff and volunteers check attendance against messages from parents/caregivers. When the lists don’t match, we have to interrupt the student’s class to determine their whereabouts. Checking classrooms for students who are simply late, on holiday or sick is time consuming. It disrupts the class and teaching/learning that is going on as well as increasing the amount of time it would take to identify a truly missing child.

Please help minimize disruptions and keep our children safe by:

  • Calling 604-903-3755 by 9:00am when your child is going to be late or absent,
  • Reporting holidays to the office & teacher (specify the first & last day of absence)
  • Ensuring your child signs in at the office when arriving late

When calling the Safe Arrival line, please be brief. The office has your contact information; unless you are going to be somewhere unusual, we don’t need your phone numbers. Here are four examples of what we record from the Safe Arrival line:

  1. Student Name: Jill Smith
    Teacher/Division: Mme. Yuen
    Reason for Absence/Late Arrival: Sick – fever
  2. Student Name: Les Brown
    Teacher/Division: E01
    Reason for Absence/Late Arrival: Vacation – until April 15 (inclusive)
  3. Student Name: John Jones
    Teacher/Division: F08
    Reason for Absence/Late Arrival: Will be Late – recess (doctor)
  4. Student Name: Kim Holmes
    Teacher/Division: Mr. Prentice
    Reason for Absence/Late Arrival: Excused Absence – hockey

Thank you very much for your cooperation,
The Safe Arrival Team