Staff Appreciation Luncheon Update

Staff Appreciation Luncheon 2011

The famous and much-appreciated Staff Appreciation Luncheon is coming up soon – next Tuesday, May 1st! Here are a few more details to help make the 2012 event a success!

The organizers would appreciate more donations in the form of food, gifts and volunteer time! Click here to fill out an online form if you would like to help out.

Don’t know what to buy for a gift?

  • How about a gift card, wine, beer, golf balls, chocolate, coffee mug, a book, a cook book, umbrella, candles, gardening gloves…anything goes with this group.
  • Prices can be as small as $5.00 and up.
  • Go Big or Go Small – this is just a little extra “goody bag” that they get to take home with them
  • No need to wrap!

Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at the office preferably by Friday, April 27th but no later than the morning of Tuesday, May 1st – The Big Day!

Please drop off all food items to the Staff Room by 11:00 am on Tuesday, May 1st.  Please include any heating instructions or salad tossing info so we can correctly prepare your fabulous food dishes.  If you are still deciding what to bring – we are lacking in Entrées / Main Dishes.

Thanks everyone for all your donations and have fun!

— Gillian Gorton