Woodland Walk Community Clean-up a huge success!

Message from the Ross Road Environment Club:

What a fabulous day!  What a fabulous turnout!

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Loads of families, loads of work, and loads of fun is how it went down on Saturday at the Woodland Walk Community Clean-up.  I can’t thank everyone enough who showed up and made a daunting task a very enjoyable event.  Within a few hours all of the invasive bramble had been cut and removed and a special thanks to Don and Karen MacDonald for the use of their utility trailer.

I would also like to acknowledge Delany’s for their generous donation of hot coffee, which kept us buzzing, and to John “The Tree Surgeon” for hauling away the mountain of debris and trimmings.

I was amazed to see so many children willing and eager to help out. What a wonderful opportunity it was for the parents to act as role models and share the benefits of volunteering with their children.  Although I’m not sure who was role modelling whom?

A job well done.

Gillian Gorton and the Environment Club Team.

Each year the school district strongly suggests they remove all of the trees and bushes on the property for a low maintenance playground.  The general consensus from the parents is that they are opposed to this and have promised to maintain the upkeep as a community.

The belief is that the natural setting of the greenery encourages free play and imagination.  The Environment Club wishes to enhance this with the addition of the Woodland Walk.  This, however, puts the onus on the Parent Body to maintain the grounds.  All help on Community Clean-up Days is very much needed and appreciated.  Stay tuned for future projects and ways to get involved.