Ross Road Front Garden – what an amazing transformation!

The Ross Road front garden was a wild tangle of overgrown plants in September 2010…now after many months of planning and hard work it is a beautiful, colourful, thoughtfully laid out oasis for the Ross Road Community to enjoy each day!

It has also provided a wonderful educational experience for many students. Members of the Environment Club and several classes have planted edible plants (peas, lettuce, strawberries etc) in pots and raised beds and are looking forward to harvesting the fruits of their labours!

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The front garden project was an ENORMOUS amount of work for parent volunteers who in the fall of 2010 pulled out every single overgrown plant and then replanted some of the best shrubs along with some new fall and spring flowering perennials. The second stage, in the spring of 2011, involved laying down mulch and rocks, and installing and filling the raised beds with plants.

A huge thank you goes out to Susan Chalmers who did so much work and took the lead on this project. Those helping out included: Kirsten Clarke, Lene Burgmann, Simone Stewart, Johanna Mantinsen, Bettina Harris, Janice Sardari, Tiffany Hillier, Sophia McDonald, Layne and Michael Christensen, Dale Weidman, Ruben Sluis, Kristen Oostinde and any others we may have missed! Also a big thank you to John Terjesen who donated some bark mulch, Nicole and Santi Palacios for the rocks, and Karen and Don MacDonald for the wood to make the raised beds.

Thank you to Gillian Gorton for her work with the Environment Club and to the Environment Club members for maintaining their “Edible Garden of Eat-In” pots in the front garden so conscientiously!