“Project Safety” is starting in May! And we need volunteers!

During the month of May, the Ross Road PAC, with the support of the administration at Ross Road School, is launching “Project Safety.”

It is our hope that this program will help relieve the congestion in the drop-off zone during the morning rush as well as ensure the roads in front of the school are safe for pedestrians and drivers.

What is “Project Safety”?
Starting in May, it will be a valet-style drop-off zone at Ross Road from 8:30 am to 8:45 am, to help students exit from their cars and also to direct traffic and clear congestion.

How will it work?
Look for volunteers in safety vests. Follow their directions and pull into the line of cars. When it’s your turn, a volunteer will open the door and help your child out of the car. It’s easy – you do not have to park or get out of your car. Please have your children ready to go (jackets on, backpacks with them, explain to them that you will not be getting out of the car) and follow the directions of the volunteers. Pull up as far ahead as possible to let other parents follow in.

Do I have to use it?
No, of course not, you are welcome to park safely in any legal parking zone along Ross Road and Kilkenny and walk your children over to the school.

What can I do to make this work?
Volunteer! We are looking for volunteers to help make this project work.  The time commitment is very small, about 20 minutes in the morning one day a week. Volunteers can pick the days they wish to help.  We need two adult volunteers per day to work with three intermediate student volunteers.

If you can help, please contact Nancy Barton:

Thank you!