Announcing a new, improved Lost and Found!

Notice on white board in lobby

Hello Ross Road parents!

Something new to start off the year is a more organized strategy for the “Lost and Found”.

Being a parent of a child in primary grades often leaves me trudging to the school to look for lost items only to be confused about where the lost and found is located. After locating and sifting through garbage bags under the stairs, I noticed a number of items with phone numbers, names and initials and thought I would offer support through the PAC to the staff responsible at the school to find the owner of the items.

So what do we hope to accomplish?
It’s simple. Make sure parents are informed about where “lost and found” items are located, reunite families with items that are clearly labeled, and assist office staff with the management of found items.

What will this look like?
Announcements through class reps, the website and the newsletter about items found. Phone calls to those families who label their items, and regular displays of lost and found items in clearly visible locations that are accessible to children and parents.

Where is the Lost and Found located?
Found items are located in the hall outside the Music room on a rolling coat rack. There is also a wooden collection box in the Annex at the end of the hall. Those items will be transferred to the coat rack regularly. During special events, such as Bingo Night and parent teacher conferences, the coat rack will be brought to the foyer.

Lost and Found rolling rack located outside Music room

What is currently in the Lost and found:
There are a number of boy items including sweatshirts, t-shirts from size 6 to 14. Boys and girls rubber boots, shorts and plenty of matching mittens and single mittens.

Come out and have a look! And if your child/ren participate in after school activities at Ross Road (i.e. soccer practice, Beavers/Scouts, Girl Guides etc.), please pass this on as we recognize some found items may not belong to Ross Road students.

If you have any questions about found items please contact me at

Thank you for your time and attention to these items.

—Tanya Brown

Lots of clothes, umbrellas, food containers etc waiting to be “found”!