Restructuring 2010/All-Day Kindergarten update

As noted in the past two school newsletters, Ross Road will be offering All-Day Kindergarten in French and English, starting September 2011, in accordance with the provincial requirement that All-Day Kindergarten programs be implemented by September 2011.

  • You will recall from the “Restructuring 2010” discussions last year that a committee was set up to determine how to accommodate two French All-Day Kindergarten classes at Ross Road. (Currently, the two half-day morning and afternoon French kindergarten classes occupy the same classroom).
  • There was a great deal of concern that the English program would be closed in order to do this.
  • The Extended French Immersion Advisory Committee deliberated over several options put forward by the French Immersion Working Group, and a recommendation was made that the least disruptive option would be the installation of a portable. The Board approved the recommendation made by the committee.
  • Therefore, Ross Road will continue as a dual-track school.
  • Note that the additional Kindergarten class will be located in the school.
    The portable will accommodate older students.

For more information about the Extended French Immersion Advisory Committee and its report, click here.

To read the complete report, click here.
(details specific to Ross Road are on pages 10-11)

If you have any questions about the report and the decisions contained within it, please contact Sandra Bridgman at

Ross Road was represented by Sandra Bridgman and Rachel Eaves on the French Immersion Working Group, and by Sandra Bridgman on the Extended French Immersion Advisory Committee. Thank you both for putting in so much time and effort into the whole process — we are so appreciative of your hard work on behalf of Ross Road School!