Safe Arrival (Call-back) Line

If your child is going to be away for any reason, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CALL THE SAFE ARRIVAL LINE at 604-903-3755 to report the absence. When a teacher’s attendance report indicates a child is absent, the office immediately checks if there’s a message on our Safe Arrival line. If there’s no message, office staff have to start making phone calls to determine the child’s whereabouts. If there’s no answer at the first contact number, they have to continue on through their list until they reach someone. As you can imagine, this is a long and time-consuming process, and a significant safety concern. Please help them out. Make that call!

Not all schools implement such a program as Safe Arrival and if a child were to go missing on the way to school, it may not be noticed until many hours later. Although we live in a very safe community, our Safe Arrival system ensures early detection if a child were to go missing (and it has happened, even at Ross Road). We feel this is one of the many advantages our children have and it is a pleasure for the Safe Arrival team to carry out these procedures to ensure our children’s safety.

By following the points below, you can help our procedure flow smoothly and allow our office staff and volunteers to get on with the rest of their day in a timely manner:

  • When your child is going to be away, phone the Safe Arrival Line: 604-903-3755 (by 9:00am if possible)
  • Please report holidays to the office as well as the teacher
  • Please do not ask for homework to be sent home on the Safe Arrival line.  A message should be sent to the teacher via e-mail or by calling the main office number: (604) 903-3750
  • If at all possible, teachers should be notified in advance (via agenda or a note) if parents need to pick up their child for an appointment.

If the office does not have a note and there is no message on the Safe Arrival Line, we need to call home, even if there is a sibling at school who can tell us the status of the absence.

Thanks so much for helping ensure the safety of each and every student at École Ross Road School.