Sample Phone Dialogue


  • Feel free to phone during off-hours and simply leave a message
  •  Don’t be concerned about trying to be an “expert” on the subject, but instead express your concern and ask them questions
  • One thing politicians do not like is having to keep you “informed” or “up-to-date” (translation, more work for them), so be sure to include this request – it will result in them having to become more informed and aware of the issues
  • You can use any of the sentences or points raised in the sample letters
  • Be polite, engaged, sincere
  • Leave your name, phone number and/or email twice


My name is _________, I am a parent of ______ at Ross Road Elementary School in Lynn Valley.

I am phoning today to express my deep concern over the lack of effective investment in our public education system. ( or I am phoning today because I am deeply concerned about the state of Provincial Government funding for public schools.)

The $6 million budget cuts to Education this past year have had significant impacts on our school, our classrooms, our teachers and our children. I am concerned about both the short term and long term implications this will have for our children’s education and eventually our entire community.

What do you think is needed in terms of ensuring a high quality, public education system in our Province?

I would appreciate being kept informed of developments on this important subject.

Thank you.”
(leave your name and phone number twice)

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