Sample Letter #2

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Dear _______________ (e.g. Honourable George Abbott),

I am writing to you as a parent of two children at Ross Road Elementary School in North Vancouver.

I want to express my deep concern over the recent cuts to government funding of public education in our province. Because the North Vancouver School District had to present a balanced budget this year, our school district has lost 40 teaching positions and seen further cuts to library funding and special education aides (SEAs) as well as significant cuts in other areas. Teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the resources to provide the world-class education that the province of British Columbia strives to deliver.

I’m sorry to state the obvious, but we have to realize that, in order to provide excellent public education for BC children, we need to continue to invest in education! This means consistent and reliable funds available for school districts and schools to maintain and develop their programs and libraries and to continue to further continuing education for teachers, SEAs etc. The fact that fixed costs such as heating, electricity etc. have gone up should not negatively affect the funding for academic programs and other educational matters. Perhaps we need to rethink the funding model for education in BC?

Statistics from the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation indicate that BC is falling behind the rest of Canada in terms of education spending as a percentage of GDP. See In other words, the writing on the wall is quite clear: We are losing ground here and something needs to be done! Please, Sir, consider being part of the solution!

As a tax payer, a voter and a parent, I would therefore like to encourage you to work towards increasing the funding for public education in British Columbia. We have collectively worked hard to create a democratic society in which equality and respect for the individual are cornerstones of our community. Education is the most important means by which we can fulfill the promise of equality and teach the values of respect – our future depends on it!

I would like to be updated on your work in this area.

Yours truly,


cc. MLA, Board of Trustees, Administration/Superintendent

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