Sample Letter #1

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Dear ______________ (e.g. Honourable George Abbott),

I am writing today to express my deep concern over the lack of effective investment in our public education system.

As a parent of children who attend Ross Road Elementary School in North Vancouver, I have seen firsthand the impacts of the recent budget cuts and the slow deterioration of our school over the past several years.

It is unacceptable that the school has to rely on volunteers and fundraising for everything from keeping the school grounds maintained to buying gym equipment and basic classroom supplies. It is unacceptable that janitors have less than 12 minutes to clean a classroom (particularly in flu season), or that the library receives fewer funds than a decade ago.

Impacts to the quality of education, as a result of larger class sizes and the lack of sufficient support for children with additional needs, is well researched and widely acknowledged.
Although I am aware of the competing demands on tax dollars and government revenue, particularly in the current economic climate, I am also aware of the significant long term impacts of a deficient public education system for our children and our community, locally and nationally.

As an informed voter and a concerned citizen, I would appreciate being kept abreast of developments to address these issues.

Thank you for your time and attention to my concerns.

Yours truly,

c.c. MLA, Board of Trustees, Administration/Superintendent

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