Background Information

In response to the open letter from the North Vancouver Teachers’ Association to parents that was sent home with every student, January 2011, a group of parents (Advocacy Ross Road) has decided to take action in support of the teachers’ concerns (please click here for a copy of the open letter).
The PAC Executive is most supportive of these efforts and has provided space on the PAC website for this project.

As you may be aware, in recent years, programs, personnel and basic educational needs have been put in jeopardy due to inadequate funding by the provincial government. Advocacy Ross Road has decided that a more active advocacy role is required to maintain and improve the education delivered to our students.
Our goals are as follows:

  1. Raise awareness and understanding of the issues, facts and impacts of current school funding levels
  2. Initiate a dialogue between parents, education providers and decision makers
  3. Galvanize action to increase funding for education

Given the current political climate (i.e. the impending Civic elections and future Provincial election), it is an ideal time to start a campaign to encourage more strategic investment in our public education system. We have identified three initiatives which we would like to undertake immediately:

  • Petition circulation – signed and delivered to Honourable George Abbott. Thank-you to all those who took the time to contribute to this effort
  • Letter/email writing campaign
  • Phone campaign

Appreciating that everyone is busy, we have assembled some information and resources on our website to allow you to take action easily, if you are interested. For example, we have included:

We would appreciate input and insight from all concerned parents and citizens. Please feel free to email*. A selection of comments will be posted to the site regularly.

Thank you,
Advocacy Ross Road co-chairs,
Colette Anderson, Lene Burgmann and Janice Sardari.

*Emailed comments to this address may be posted on the website, with permission. Requests for anonymity will be honoured and no contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses will be posted.