Stations/Activities listed by class

Mystery Bag Station – Spring Carnival 2011

Here’s the list of all the exciting activities at this year’s Spring Carnival! Don’t forget to sign up for a shift at your class station: Check the sign-up sheets on your child(ren)’s classroom door or connect with your class rep to sign up for a half-hour shift.  It’s fun and easy and a great way to catch up with other parents!

  • Dowling : CRAZY HAIR (F14 – F Kindergarten)
  • Gagnon: PONY RIDES (F13 – F Kindergarten)
  • Schmidt: SILENT AUCTION (E08 – E Kindergarten)
  • Piccone/Tancon: MYSTERY BAGS* (F11 – F Grade 1)
  • Prentice: POPCORN(E07 – Grade 1)
  • Aiello: COTTON CANDY(F12 – Grade 1)
  • Zayonc: SOCCER SHOOT-OUT (F09 – Grade 2)
  • Marafon: FACE PAINTING (F10 – Grade 2)
  • Esterer: RING TOSS(E05 – Grade 2/3)
  • Samson: BASEBALL TOSS(E06 – Grade 2/3)
  • McKay/Naths: GOLF CHALLENGE (F08 – Grade 3)
  • Simon: HOCKEY SHOOT (F07 – Grade 3)
  • Noori: PASSPORT TABLE (F06 – Grade 4)
  • Fraenkel: PIN THE TALE ON THE DONKEY (E04 – Grade 4/5)
  • Dixon/May: FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS/KNITTING (F05 – Grade 4/5)
  • Haag: PRIZE TABLE  (E03 – Grade 4/5)
  • Billinger: CAKE WALK* (F04 – Grade 5)
  • Frazee: BULLSEYE (E01 – Grade 6/7)
  • Bélanger: KIDDIE HI-STRIKER (F03 – Grade 6)
  • Thomas: SCHOOL DÉCOR (E02 – Grade 6/7)

Cake Walk Station – Spring Carnival 2011


*MYSTERY BAGS:  The kids LOVE these and we are dependent on parent-donated mystery bags to make this very popular booth a success. Please donate a couple of bags (or more!) so that every child who wants one has a chance to buy one.  Bags should have an approx. value of $5, contain only NEW items, and be labeled intermediate/primary and boy/girl, as appropriate – items not visible, it’s a mystery!  Suggestions include:  $5 gift cards (booster juice, DQ, pizza, Starbucks etc), candy, cool school supplies, hair accessories, funky pens, craft supplies, travel games, sunglasses, fun jewelry.  Bags can also be dropped off at the office anytime on Friday, June 1st.

*CAKE WALK:  Please drop off a cake, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or squares at the office anytime on Friday, June 1st. We will be awarding these treats at the VERY POPULAR cake walk.  Please, “nut free” if possible! Store-bought “baking” always welcome!

Soccer Shoot-out Station – Spring Carnival 2011

If you have any questions or comments about the 2012 Spring Carnival, or would like to help out, please use this form to contact the Spring Carnival Committee:

Thank you for your support, hope to see you on June 1st!
—Sonia Han,
Spring Carnival 2012 Coordinator