Craft Fair Online Food Ordering

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Take a night off from cooking! Come and enjoy dinner at the Christmas Craft Fair with hot shredded roast beef on a multigrain bun served with quinoa/couscous salad and fresh vegetables.  Order a Flying Wedge cheese or pepperoni pizza for the kids and everyone is happy.  For dessert enjoy a delicious hot crêpe with chocolate sauce.

  • Dinner is served in Frosty’s Diner between 5:30 and 7:00 PM.
  • Online ordering is open until Wednesday November 23rd.

How to Order:

  • Click on one of the buttons below to link to the Munch a Lunch ordering site
  • To start ordering, please click on the heading “Order Lunch” and select any child to create your order.  Families can place their entire order under one student’s name.  The order doesn’t need to be person specific as the orders will be picked up as a family at one location.
  • If you would rather pay by cheque you can do so by clicking on “other payment option” when you get to the Payment Option screen.  Please drop off your cheque in the PAC box located under the “down” stairs in the lobby.

If you have any questions please contact the Christmas Craft Fair Coordinators:
• Bettina Harris at or
• Desiree Blume at


  • As a first time user, click the “Register Here” button (above) to be taken to
  • Follow the easy steps to “Create my Account” and proceed to “Order lunch!”
  • Return anytime by going to: or via the bright green Munch a Lunch logo
  • Returning users click the “Login Here” button (above) and proceed to “order lunch!”