Bike To School Week – May 31st to June 3rd

Ride to school (or scooter or walk!) and be counted in your class; the class with the most participants at the end of the week will win a Flying Wedge lunch!
Enter your name into a daily draw for anyone that rides (or gets to school without their car) Live too far away??? – drive part way and then ride. Don’t own a bike??? – scooter, skateboard, walk and be included in your class count

Escape Adventures (Wednesday) will rotate students through two stations; one for helmet fit and road safety; the other is an obstacle course
Don’t own a bike??? – bring your helmet and walk your way through the various stations

Ryan Leech (Thursday) is a professional trials bike rider; he does some amazing balance tricks on his bike and he speaks to students about decisions, success, obstacles, criticism, beliefs and potentials; – check it out!!

Lynn Valley Bikes owner Rick Loader (Friday) will answer any questions you have about your child’s bike  (what sort of repairs does my child’s bike need; is my child too small/too big for this bike; does this helmet fit properly) – meet Rick in the primary playground area – he is our neighbourhood expert on bikes.
Rick will teach 30 of our Grade 7 students how to change a bike tire in 30 seconds or less and how to perform a safety bike check on your bike when you are out on the trail

To wrap up our bike to school week……..

Escape Adventures will have a booth at the Ross Road Carnival with ramps, teeter-totters and other challenging obstacles
Bring your bike to the carnival!!!

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