Emergency Preparedness Committee – Update

Ross Road School's Emergency Supplies Container

The Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) would like to thank all of you for your continued support during this school year.

We believe that the safety of the students and staff are paramount and with your generous donations we have been able to purchase more food rations, drinking water and other supplies for the container (located at the north end of the back field) and class “Grab & Go” bags.

With the recent earthquake in Japan we would urge you to view the following websites for more detailed information on what to do should B.C. experience an earthquake:

  • Provincial Emergency Program – Ministry of Public Safety
  • North Shore Emergency Management Office
    Located off Lonsdale Avenue, the NSEMO offers many courses throughout the year as well valuable information on personal safefy.
  • We have also posted a list of recommended survival items on the EPC section of this website.
    Click here to view the list.